Lukos Hey


1979 Born in Sydney, Australia                  

2001 Advanced Diploma in Fine Art.  

Hunter Institute, Newcastle, Australia. 


2002 B.A.F.A. Bachelor Of Fine Art from the University of Newcastle.


Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions.

Ø 2011 Midnight Impressions, Lucerna, Prague.

Ø 2010 Where’s your sense of Humor? The Globe.

Ø 2009 There’s an Elephant in the Room, Ouky Douky, Prague.

Ø 2008 Prague, First Impressions, Le Court Gallerie, Hastalska.

Ø 2007 Beyond the Great Divide, John Miller Gallery, Newcastle, Australia.

Ø 2006 Japonisme, Travels in Japan. Field Gallery, Newcastle, Australia.

Ø 2005 Around the World in 82.5 Days, John Paynter Gallery, Newecastle.

Ø 2004 Icons Overlooked, Blender Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

Ø 2003 Art on the Rocks, ASN Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney, Australia.

Ø 2002 Debut Exhibition, John Miller Gallery, Newcastle, Australia.


Ø 2006 Finalist in Field Gallery Art Prize. Newcastle, Australia.

Ø 2003 Short Listed for Art On the Rocks, 40 Artists were selected from 800 entries. Australia.

Ø 2003 Short listed for The Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship. Australia.

Ø 2001 ArtStart, Finalist for grants to up-coming artists.


Ø 2007  Hunter LifeStyle Magazine, March Edition 24.

Ø 2002 -2007,  Newcastle Herald. Artistic critical reviews for  most exhibitions by writer Jill Stowell.


Lukos is represented in Private collections in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague.


All artworks can be printed into photographic prints , clients usually like the prints to be 25cm x 38cm and pay just 950 kc   or 40 euro, the prints can be made in 24 hours and delivered by post. They make for a great gift idea, or something for the office or home.



lukos hey

praha 7

773 912 170

All paintings can be printed on photographic paper and bought for just 950kc or 40 Eu. The prints

will be sent by the post.