Visitors notice

01/08/2012 00:01
In August 2012, Lukos will hold a solo art exhibition titled Twisted at Vinicni Altan, Havlickovy Sady. The Twisted theme will reflect the strangeness ones sees on a daily basis in Prague, not just the winding streets and dancing buildings, but the people, the rules, customs, and cultural...


Art lessons in Prague

04/01/2012 00:00
Art lessons available now in Prague. Come and join our small group or come for a weekly individual lesson at the artists studio in Prague 7. We will begin with basic drawing techniques and perspective drawing, abstraction and realistic drawing, charcoals, graphite, inks, pens etc. Our goal...



lukos hey

praha 7

773 912 170

All paintings can be printed on photographic paper and bought for just 950kc or 40 Eu. The prints

will be sent by the post.