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01/08/2012 00:01

In August 2012, Lukos will hold a solo art exhibition titled Twisted at Vinicni Altan, Havlickovy Sady.

The Twisted theme will reflect the strangeness ones sees on a daily basis in Prague, not just the winding streets and dancing buildings, but

the people, the rules, customs, and cultural oddities of the Czechs.

"I recently saw an exhibition of original Remrandts in Sterberg Palace and was simply blown away with the incredible detail,

the transitons from thick whites to thin darks and the choice of subjects to reflect the modernity of 1700th century Holland.

My recent paintings are based on this same style of chiaroscuro, the extreme contrast of dark to light with a golden warm colouring

to breath life into them. There are some simple examples here in the photogallery on the last pages...




lukos hey

praha 7

773 912 170

All paintings can be printed on photographic paper and bought for just 950kc or 40 Eu. The prints

will be sent by the post.